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Students' successes


Fifth place for Dimitur Nikolov Nikolov, who took part in the international biologic olympiad in 1995 in Bankok.


Sixth place for Vasil Jordanov Vasev  in the national physical olympiad in 1995.


Third prize for Nikoleta Plamenova Georgieva in the national litreture competion "Charity and kindness"-'97 with an essay based on the theme "The home of the cripple".


Vasil Jordanov Vasev'97 - Balkan karrate champion '98 and Republican karrate champion.


Second place for Georgi Alexandrov Mitov in the International Sport Acrobatic Tournament.


Second place for Iana Blazheva, Borislava Georgieva, Vesela Stoimenova in the First Balkanian Competition for saving the nature in 1998 in Thessalonike.


First own exzibition "Abstract and reality" - 99 by Desislawa Krasimirova Petrova and Dimitar Draganov Taskov.


17th  place for Georgi Georgiev Jordanov in the National Chemistry Olympiad in 1999.